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Sport Tactics

These XI Standards are built on the concept of RESPECT.  Respect for the game and respect for each other.  They are a part of Football Australia’s Member Protection Framework which aims to build a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to participate in our sport.  They also complement the Football Australia National Code of Conduct and Ethics which provides enforceable regulations to uphold the integrity and protect the reputation of Australian football.

The XI Standards are behaviours that everyone who participates in our game are encouraged and expected to uphold.  They apply to anyone involved in our game, including players, coaches, match officials, club officials, administrators, parents and spectators alike.  We all have a responsibility to provide a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for each other in our game.

Below are the XI Standards we live by in our proud football community.   

I: We are inclusive and unifying

We come from diverse backgrounds and share different views of the world.  We value and celebrate that diversity and we respect the rights, dignity and worth of each other. We are committed to equality and creating an environment free from any form of discrimination.

II: We respect the referee’s decision

We acknowledge that match officials may make mistakes, but we do not call into question their integrity, abuse or belittle them.  We are grateful for the important and challenging role they play in our game.  We always show respect for the referee and other match officials.

III: We make safety and welfare our priority

We do not engage in, or allow others to engage in, activities that put the health and safety of participants at risk.

IV: We encourage others and promote enjoyment of the game

As coaches, parents and spectators, we recognise that children’s community football is not the World Cup or the Westfield W-League or A-League.  We provide only positive words of encouragement from the sideline.  We do not put undue pressure on children, and we do not promote a “win at all costs” mentality.  We recognise that players, coaches and others make mistakes.


V: We behave appropriately

We do not engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour or language.  We do not incite or encourage hatred or violence.  We do not intimidate or abuse our opponents or officials.

VI: We play fairly

We do not cheat.  We play by the rules and the expected standards of fair play.

VII: We are good sports

We respect good play whether from our team or the opposition.  We thank the opposition players and officials after the match and we are gracious – win, lose or draw.

VIII: We respect equipment and property

We do not damage property and we look after our facilities and those of our opponents, which we recognise are for the benefit of all in our football community.

IX: We compete to the best of our ability

We train and play with enthusiasm and we help each other to maximise and reach our potential. 

X: We uphold the integrity and honesty of the sport

We do not engage in dishonest or corrupt practices.  We are consistent and impartial when we need to be. We always do our best to enhance the reputation of the game and we strictly adhere to the rules about betting and match manipulation in the Football Australia Code of Conduct and Ethics.

XI: We hold each other to these Standards

We lead by example. We call out poor behaviour when we see it and we encourage each other to uphold these Standards while participating in any football activity. 


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