Duty Officer

The primary roles of the duty officer are to maintain order, promote respect, and uphold the codes of conduct as outlined by FFA and sub bodies (Northern NSW Football, Football Mid North Coast, Port Saints FC).

Duty Officers are NOT security people. Nobody should place expectations upon a person acting in the role of a Duty Officer to perform the duties that may be expected of the police or a security firm.

Port Saints FC also ask our Duty Officers to assist with;

  • Field setup (and packup)
  • Unlocking public toilets and change rooms (and locking up after games)
  • Ensuring field lights are turned off for evening matches

Duty Officer Responsibilities

  1. APPROPRIATE VEST is to be worn and Duty Officers are to be present during the whole of each fixture to which he/she is appointed.
  2. KEEP ORDER AT GAMES: Spectators behind the line around the inside of the ground, or at least 3 m from the field. Coaches, referees on/near the bench in the technical area – not walking up and down coaching/warming up (especially if Referee requests assistance). No abuse of Referees, Players etc. Players sent off to leave field and bench area. Escort Referee and Assistant Referees if required (especially in a fiery game). Ensure games start and run on schedule (advise Referee prior to game).
  3. ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS: respond to Referees, coaches, managers, parents, Players, spectators etc. Direct personnel to correct playing field.
  4. ENSURE TEAMSHEETS are left at table prior to game (not taken away to change rooms etc). Make sure teams have filled them in correctly. Check that Referee has returned team sheet after match.
  5. ENSURE A CLUB REFEREE IS APPOINTED in the event that no official Referee is appointed and present.
  6. ENSURE AMBULANCE OR POLICE are called if required for serious injury or assault to Players or Officials and direct ambulance/police vehicle to location on arrival at ground. (if an ambulance is required, unless you confirm directly with the person who has spoken to the ambulance operator, call them yourself. It is better for two people to call rather than assume someone else has).
  7. KEEP ALL PERSONNEL OUT OF GOALMOUTHS between matches and at the half time breaks. Keep all personnel from behind goals during games.
  8. BE TACTFUL AND POLITE, NOT CONFRONTATIONAL in carrying out your duties. Try to be PROACTIVE by cutting off potential conflict before it can escalate rather than by being REACTIVE after the event. DO NOT BECOME PHYSICALLY INVOLVED IN ANY CONFLICT – if you cannot deal with the matter by talking to personnel involved, call the POLICE to handle it.
  9. The role of Duty Officer is a large responsibility and must be undertaken by the Club appointee as that person’s sole duty for the duration of the match