Player Responsibilities

Port Saints FC is a community based club that is run by volunteers. The committee only performs some of the functions necessary to play football. The list below represents the responsibilities that each and every player accepts by registering to play football with Port Saints FC.


  • Every field is required to be set up for the first game of the day and packed up after the last game of the day. This job is entirely the responsibility of the Port Saints FC home team when playing at our home ground (generally Findlay Park). For further details refer to the Training & Game Day page.


  • Every player, parent and spectator is required to abide by all FFA, NNSWF, FMNC and PSFC policies. A list of the most relevant policies can be found on the policies page. The key is to treat others with respect, and obey the laws of the game. If you have any concerns with behaviour please submit an Issue Report.

Club Equipment

  • Port Saints FC spend a lot of money on equipment. We aim to only charge fees to cover our costs, so we ask that all players do their best to look after the club equipment, and ensure it is all returned at the end of the season.


  • Our club is fortunate to have some very generous sponsors that help to reduce the clubs costs (and in turn your rego fees). We ask that you return the favour and consider giving them your business. You’ll find a list of most of our sponsors on each of our website pages. If you would like further info on any of our sponsors please contact us.