Field Status

Field Status

Please note: Rain does not automatically mean games are off.
It is the state of the ground that determines whether matches proceed. Referees have final say on the closure of a ground after a visual inspection prior to a match. They may also call off a match if conditions deteriorate during a fixture.

Please refer to the Port Macquarie Hastings Council website for the field status for Peter Martino Field, Findlay Ave. Please bear in mind that Council only check the field during the week, so poor weather late on a Friday or during the weekend may cause Port Saints FC to close the field (even if the council website states it is open).

Football Mid North Coast (FMNC) have a wet weather page which explains the process for wet weather. FMNC are now using TeamApp to communicate closed grounds (open fields are not listed) which is handy for away games. FMNC TeamApp can be accessed  via the FMNC News and Wet Weather website or by using a smart phone app to receive notification of ground status changes (download TeamApp from the App Store or Google Play, then search for FMNC News and Wet Weather).

For fields outside Port Macquarie Hastings Council area, these links may be handy;

Kempsey Council Field Status

Coffs Harbour Council Field Status