Each coach should organise with their team a suitable training time. It is suggested that one day per week for roughly an hour is adequate for non competitive age groups up to under 11, and one or two days per week for competitive age groups (under 12 and above). All training should be conducted at Findlay Park (refer to Field page for location). To organise a training allocation day and time, please submit a request on the Training Field Allocation page. Port Saints FC only have access to Findlay Park during winter season (April- September), so any training outside these months or at any other council venue will require approval from Council (please email if this is the case).

The club provides the following equipment for training/games, all of which is to be returned with the kit bag at the end of the season. Any gear not returned may be charged to the team (at the discretion of the committee).

  • Playing shirt for each player
  • Coloured bibs for training, or if playing against another Port Saints FC team
  • 1 ball per player (plus a match ball for older age groups)
  • Stack of marker cones for setting out fields

Field Condition and Care

Our club has a large number of registered players. This places a significant load on our fields. In order to manage the field wear and minimise repair and maintenance costs we allocate fields for training specifically to reduce wear on our main field 1, and to share the wear across the other fields. As we don’t have lights on all fields, we do need to use field 1 for training in some circumstances.

In particular we require that all players and coaches;

  • keep out of the goal area and 6 yard box on fields 1 and 2 at all times
  • minimise further damage to fields, i.e. avoid worn areas of fields to allow them to rejuvenate.

For any coaching or training questions, please contact our coaching coordinator on