Age Group Head Coach Program

Port Saints FC is investigating the feasibility of starting an Age Group Head Coach program. This program is designed to ensure that every team has access to a qualified coach that is passionate about football.

The program is proposed to involve a qualified coach running a training session for all teams in an age group (or possibly 2 age groups). The Head Coach will plan the training session, explain each drill, and then assist each team with the drill. Each team will still require a manager or individual team coach to run the drill for their team, but they will have the advantage of the experience and expertise of the Head Coach to assist and provide guidance. The head coach will also be available to answer any questions and be the first point of contact for any technical issues. The Head Coach will only be required to attend the weekly group training session and not each teams game on the weekend. The weekend game will still need to be run by the team manager or team coach.

The Age Group Head Coach roles are proposed to be paid roles to ensure that we attract quality candidates. Before the club progresses with this program we would like to survey our club members to confirm that they are supportive of this program, that we will have sufficient teams interested to justify the program, and what age groups are most interested. The age groups with the greatest support from this survey will be the first age groups that have access to the program, as we only have a few coaches that have so far expressed interest in becoming a Head Coach.

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