Referee recognition weekend 28-30 July 2017

The Newcastle Permanent Referee Recognition Weekend is an initiative being conducted in 2017 by Northern NSW Football across all Member Zones and Clubs to publicly recognise, show our appreciation and say thank you to all of our referees and match officials.

All Football matches should begin and conclude with both teams shaking hands with all appointed match officials and the opposing team.

Officiating football matches at any level can be a difficult, stressful, intimidating and an often thankless job.
Referee Recognition Weekend gives the football community the chance to show our referees and match officials that they are a valued member of the football family and are appreciated by players, coaches and supporters alike.
2017 Referee Recognition Weekend activities will be held at all matches that take place on Friday 28th, Saturday the 29th & Sunday 30th July 2017.
Any club that is hosting a match sanctioned by Northern NSW Football on these dates including all junior, senior and representative fixtures are requested to embrace the event and take part in the day by showing their thanks and appreciation to all match officials appointed to matches at their club on the day.

Thank you for supporting this important initiative to recognise our invaluable referees and game officials.

Port Saints FC