2017 Coaching Info

Please disregard if you are not coaching a team at Port Saints FC in 2017. 

Firstly a big thank-you, from all the Committee, for volunteering your time to help coach a team at Port Saints FC this year.

Registration on Myfootball Club and Working With Children Check (WWCC)

  • It is club policy that all coaches must be registered on Myfootball Club before they collect their team kit
  • Individuals who work or volunteer with children (under 18) must hold a WWCC Number and provide their WWCC Number to their club. This is a compulsory legislative requirement. Refer to the WWCC details on our policy page.
  • It is a requirement of the club that all coaches and volunteers complete their working with children check and provide the WWCC number to the club prior to the club providing the coaching kit to the coach (the club may accept a copy of the submission for a WWCC to pick up the kit, but the WWCC number will be required promptly). This is to look after the safety of our children and failure to comply will be seen as a concern. The club requires this even if you have a child in the team. Failure to comply with this requirement can attract an $11,000 fine for the club
  • Any issues with the above please contact us
  • For details on other policies  please refer to the policy page of our website.

Kit Collection and Ground officials

  • Training gear can be collected, by a registered coach, from Findlay Park, on Wednesday 12th April between 5.15pm and 6.15pm
  • This year the game day kit bags will contain a Ground Officials Vest. This vest shall be worn by a parent of one of our players when we are the home team. This is a requirement of Football Mid North Coast. More info will be included with the kit bag.
  • Please note some of the playing shirts for U12 to Mens have not yet arrived
  • Any issues with the above please contact us

Training Time Slots

  • For those that haven’t already, please email coaching@portsaints.com.au to get a training time allocation at Findlay park. No training is to take place until
    1. all players are registered and paid
    2. coach is registered and provided WWCC number to club
    3. training allocation has been approved by the club (unless not training at Findlay Park, in which case the allocation should be approved by the ground owner, and the club advised)
  • Other venues, such as schools can be used for training but may require the club to provide a Certificate of Currency (Insurance Document). Please contact us if this is the case.
  • Any council owned venue (besides Findlay Park) will need approval from PMHC prior to using for training or games. Please contact Port Saints FC to discuss before training or arranging games at other locations.

Training Resources

  • The FMNC website contains a “coaches headquarters” section that has many useful links to coaching manuals, drills, courses etc. A link is here http://footballmidnorthcoast.com/coach-headquarters/
  • The FMNC website contains a “club headquarters” section and useful sections are the “calendar & school holidays”; “Competition – rules, match sheets and result sheets”; and the “club handbook”. A link is here http://footballmidnorthcoast.com/club-headquarters/
  • There are various coach training sessions run by Northern NSW Football at low or no cost. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for details, or check the NNSWF website for more details.

Again, thank you for donating your time to coach a team for Port Saints FC.